Hello everybody! My apologize for not updating lately. I got so many projects and I just didn’t have time to do many posts, I didn’t have time to even do the student blogging challenge! So now I’m back and of course will try to do all the challenges that I have missed! Again, I apologize.

~ Good day to you ~

Explaining Anime and manga

Hey there! So some people get confuse with what is anime and manga. Anyway, let me explain it to you ~

Manga is Japanese comic book. Yup, that simple. The way Japanese draw manga is unique with characters have different eyes size and some unique hair colors. There are many genres of it: Horror, Shounen/Shoujo, Adventure, Ecchi and more! Some basic examples: Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tale, ….

Example: http://www.narutohurricane.com/pics/naruto_manga_cover_v39.jpg (Naruto)

Now is Anime. They’re Japanese cartoon. The way they draw is just like manga (many manga manage to have its own anime) but it’s in action so it’s a movie, not a comic. Like manga, they have many genres and some popular anime: Inuyasha, One Piece, Black Butler, …

Example: http://www.walawala.net/img/Inuyasha_Front.jpg (Inuyasha)

If you want to know more then you can google it AND read some manga / watch some anime!

(Mine is not really a good explaination)

So that’s all!

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Vietnam places

Hello everybody! I may have this blog already, or not … I don’t remember. Anyway, I’m going to introduce you to some of the places you could go when you’re in Vietnam.

1. Hạ Long Bay:

This place is great! It have many caves which you can explore! I went there and it was so epic! One of the best moment that I have experience there was when I went to a cave and bats are flying all over our head, so fun yet scary. Hạ Long Bay is in the UNESCO so I recommend you to visit, if you like … This place is in North Vietnam


2. If you like the middle of Vietnam, you can go to Imperial city of Hue. I’ve never go there but I heard that the place was great! I wish one day I can visit there and take lots of cool photos. It’s quite old so some of you might not like it. Anyway, I also recommend you to come hear if you have a chance to go to Vietnam


3.  Now in South Vietnam, you can visit Ho Chi Minh city. There are many fun things to do in the city, you can go shopping or just walking around district 1. If you want to go to a museum or historical place in the city, you can go to The Reunification Palace or many other museums in the city.


4. If you like to go to the beach, visit Nha Trang, Phan Thiết or Vũng Tàu. Those places have great beaches and there are many spa and resort there for you to relax and not oh-so worry about work.



Hey, how about you try to understand what is this mean?

“Xin chào, bạn khỏe không?” (It’s Vietnamese)

Anyway, that’s all


p.s: Sorry, the pictures seems to have problems so if you want to see the places I introduced to you, you can search on Google ~

~ Good day to you ~

~ Passion ~

You know what are my passion? Of course you don’t *laugh* Sorry, I’m just fooling around. Anyway, I have passion for reading, listening to music and creating stories ~ Reading … SURE, by reading, we’re adding to ourselves knowledge plus reading is fun! (For me anyway) Listen to music is SO important to me, without it, I just simply be moody and you just don’t want to happen right? Lastly … (Actually, it’s not the last one but I’m too lazy to type all out) creating stories is just a great thing to do! You can release your imagination by just creating your own story, how cool is that huh?

I think that’s all I can think of … I think. Anyway, see you!

~ Good day to you ~

~ Back back back ~

Ahhh, I’m back after being absence for so so long! I miss this place so so much! You know, just beginning of the school and already we have so many tests and quizzes and that’s stressful. Oh well, that ‘s life so I accept the challenge! Lately, I think I really like the memes, wonder why but they fun to watch, Who’s with me? *wave hand* No one? *Shrug* Oh well. Anyway, feel good to be back !

~ Good day to you ~

~ Count out three ~

Hey there, there are so many posts from many different blogs that I like! Mostly, I just like randomly, not really specific on one. I’ve visited 3 blogs, one from Canada, one from America  and the last one is from Australia. In most comments, I compliment their post and there own effort, some just try to be friendly in someway. So, here are the links that lead to my comments ~


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~ Learning time ~

Hi everybody! You all know that learning is not only from school right? There are different ways that you can learn outside of school. For me, I always remember the time when I first tried to ride a bike. I was 4 years old that time. When I saw people riding the people, I told my parent that I also want to ride that. My dad said OK and bought me a bicycle. Then day by day, he tried to teach me. Even though I fell a lot but I still not give up yet. Then one day, when I took my bike and continue learning, I was surprise that I did it! My dad cheer for me a lot and he said he’s very proud of me. I always remember that time because that’s my first time I successfully did something  and felt proud about it. Thanks to the lesson that my dad taught me, now I can ride my bicycle to school everyday without anyone helps!

I guess that’s all my story

~ Good day to you ~


Art, science and writing

So in week 7, I’ve been visit websites and I’ve been chosen 3 websites that I like, not really the best.

1) So first of all is art. I choose a website name http://thisissand.com/   This website is simple to use and it’s very interesting for people who like to make art. In the beginning, you just going to see a plain space, which you think it’s boring. click a small box on the left side to show the tutorial. To choose the color, press “C” to choose a color. Then you can start do sand picture by dropping the sand down by hold the mouse.



This is my work!

2) The second website that I choose is a science game call Fantastic Contraption on http://www.fantasticcontraption.net/. It’s very interesting and you have to use your brain to play this game because it contain thinking. When you open the page, you’ll see the screen, click on play! There, you will find many different levels. If you know this game good for you, if not, click on the pink word that say: “Start here”. In there, they will show you how to play in detail. So enjoy the game!



The final one is for those who like to make poems. The website is: http://play.magpogames.com/poem/. It’s quite interesting. You just make up your own poem with words that the website gave you but it’s not simple at all, well, for me. First you’ll see a blank scree next to all those letters, drag the letters to the empty space and start making your own poem! If you out of word, click on more words and if you don’t like it, click start over: Sorry if it doesn’t make sense to you ….


And here is my poem. It short because I’m lazy. Sorry if it doesn’t make sense to you ….



Vietnamese foods

So I do this for a challenge and I’m going to talk about Vietnamese foods. There are many kinds of food in Vietnam. Some of them are Phở, Bánh Canh, Bánh Chưng (also can call Vietnamese rice cake), …. There are endless choices for you to choose. So if one day you come to Vietnam, just have yourself a bowl of Phở and enjoy it!

This is Phở



This pic belong to yuichi.sakuraba: http://www.flickr.com/photos/57085156@N00/4520877634

Oh well, that’s all

~ Good day to you ~


Back from the break

Hey guys! I’ back and I’m gonna talk about my spring break. Of course, no traveling, just stay in Vietnam. I don’t really do anything but there were two days which I spent with my friends, which was very fun. We were talking about many many things like manga, food, movies and more! (Which I’m just too lazy to list them out). Other than that, I just stayed at home and relaxed. It was cool enough …. for me.

Staying in Vietnam

   by erjkprunczyk

Talking about manga

   by BFLV

That’s all

~ Good day to you ~